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Ethics in Medicine and Nursing

DIALOG ETHIK is an interdisciplinary institute for ethics in health care. It is located in Zurich, Switzerland and its ultimate aim is to contribute to a health care system based on the values of respect, responsibility, and justice.
The institute offers a post-diploma program (Master of Advanced Studies MAS) in «Ethical Decision Processing in Organization and Society» (details in German). The program is carried out in cooperation with the College of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland as well as the Interdisciplinary Institute for Ethics and Human Rights, University of Fribourg. Within the program one can choose to attend the introductory course «Ethical Decision Making in Health Care» only or other interdisciplinary workshops.
DIALOG ETHIK is managing and giving support to «Ethics Forums»; at clinics, hospitals, and other health care institutions. We support persons and institutions who are planning to implement a (medical) «Ethics Forum». (details in German)
In cooperation with the Swiss Association for Senior Citizens (Schweizerischer Verband für Seniorenfragen) we offer a living will form, called «HumanDocument». (details in German)
DIALOG ETHIK publishes the monthly electronic journal «Thema im Fokus» covering topics in ethics, medicine, and nursing. (details in German)
DIALOG ETHIK is realizing specific research projects in order to develop new ethics support structures in health care instiutions. In addition, some theory focused projects in applied ethics are carried out by different members of the staff.

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